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Beltone Boost Max Hearing AidUltra Good Sound Quality

After years of innovating and breaking new ground, we are now introducing a solution with new and improved sound-processing technology. Our new chip is significantly faster and the foundation for an industry-leading sound quality with unique sound clarity and speech understanding. It also includes new features, such as the impulse noise reduction and multiple sound quality advances from the previous super power solutions. Now, no matter the situation, be it a concert or a big family reunion, Beltone Boost Ultra wearers will be able to easily navigate through complex sound environments with simplicity and comfort.

The Beltone Boost Ultra's Smart Phone integration and Beltone’s own proprietary 2.4 GHz wireless technology keeps users conveniently connected to all their favorite communication and entertainment technologies. Your patients can choose from a range of wireless accessories that can offer people with severe-to-profound hearing loss a better signal-to-noise ratio for that extra boost they sometimes need – without an intermediate device around their neck.

Beltone Boost Ultra provides a clearer, fuller, and richer sound quality than past solutions. Our sound-processing chip was updated with enhanced speed and better memory to provide the fastest micro-processing available to date. By means of the new chip and faster processing power, the feature-set works seamlessly together to give your clients more clarity and better speech understanding. They can now pick up delicate sounds, feel comfortable when loud noises arise, and enjoy every moment.