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Hear Max™ App

The new Beltone HearMax app is the most advanced of its kind for hearing aid wearers. It makes controlling Beltone Amaze and Trust hearing aids from a mobile device easy and discreet. There’s no need to use an intermediate device or streamer around the neck. Users can download the app and start controlling their hearing aids in a simple and intuitive way directly from an iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Apple Watch, or the most popular Android phone models. It’s as easy as checking their email on their phone.

Beltone HearMax provides numerous benefits, including volume and program adjustments and powerful noise reduction, speech focus and wind noise reduction features. The app’s brand new intuitive design gives users one-tap access to all of it from the home screen.

Using the innovative Remote Care technology, the Beltone HearMax app also keeps you close to your clients, no matter where they are.

Tinnitus Calmer™ App

Tinnitus Calmer app for iPhone®, iPad™, iPod touch™ and Android™ devices offers a combination of Sound Therapy and relaxing exercises that aim to distract your brain from focusing on your tinnitus. With Tinnitus Calmer you can choose from a library of sounds or create personalized Soundscapes using the sound mixer. Fully customizable, the app lets you add your music to the mix, choose background colors, select a relaxation exercise and keep track of how you use the app.