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Experience more of life with Beltone Achieve – help your patients hear through the noise.

Beltone Amaze Hearing Aids in Portable Charger Case

Delight your patients from the first fit and keep giving the best hearing care with Beltone Achieve. Our newest hearing solution continues the Beltone tradition of Tailored Hearing, which is inspired by the individual ways we each hear, helping us to deliver sound as nature intended.

Check My Fit on the Beltone HearMaxTM app helps users fit their hearing aids correctly, which can lead to fewer service visits and a better experience from the start.

Beltone Imagine Products Offer:

Crosslink Directionality 4 provides your patients with a complete sound picture. It enables them to truly focus on the sounds that matter while still having spatial awareness for the moments when their sound of interest changes.

• For moments when the focus is only intended for one person, there is Ultra Focus 2. Your users can focus on the sound coming from directly in front of them.

• The Microphone & Receiver-In-Ear (M&RIE) design uses your patient’s own unique ear to collect sound the way nature intended, for the best spatial perception and sound quality. (RIEs only)

• Your patients will stay connected and feel the freedom of best-in-class connectivity with Hands-free calls on iOS devices and direct streaming with Android devices, as well as multiple Beltone wireless accessories.