Beltone Promise

Hear. There. Anywhere.

Your clients’ expectations have never been so high. The simple fact that we now have the potential to live longer and healthier lives than previous generations has increased our appetite for living life to the fullest. From enjoying the company of friends and family to travelling the world for business or pleasure, your clients expect to be able to participate and experience every situation to the fullest.

With Beltone Trust, your clients can be confident that they are always prepared for life’s pleasant surprises, whoever they are and wherever they find themselves. It’s the world’s most complete hearing care experience.

It’s a new way of providing premier hearing care for both you and your client. In addition to exceptional sound, discreet and customized design and personal control, Beltone Trust offers a groundbreaking new Remote Care feature that allows you to give your clients extra support and fine-tuning, in-between scheduled appointments, no matter where they are. Beltone Trust not only sets new standards for the industry, it effortlessly raises the level of quality care you can offer your clients. When your clients demand the best, help them get the most out of their lives. So they can hear, there or anywhere they are.

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