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Beltone ProFit 2018 Schedule

This 8 hour seminar is for experienced practitioners and will introduce the participant to new Beltone technology including new hardware and the latest software and mobile app updates. Case Studies and troubleshooting tips will also be presented in order to help HCPs give patients the best possible listening and hearing care experience possible.

  • September 6: Indianapolis, IN
  • September 11: Huntington, WV
  • September 11: Red Deer, Alberta
  • September 13: Victoria, BC
  • September 18: Toronto, Ontario
  • September 21: Detroit, MI
  • September 25: Halifax, Nova Scotia
  • September 28: Columbus, OH
  • October 2: St. Johns, Newfoundland
  • October 5: Austin, TX
  • October 11: Orlando, FL
  • October 12: Orlando, FL
  • October 18: Los Angeles, CA
  • October 25: Minneapolis, MN
  • November 2: Kansas City, MO
  • November 7: Harrisburg, PA
  • November 9: Richmond, VA
  • November 15: Providence, RI
  • November 28: Atlanta, GA
  • November 30: Nashville, TN
  • December 6: Charlotte, NC

Boot Camp 2018 Schedule

Boot Camp is a one week training seminar for new Hearing Care Practitioners with limited experience testing, selling or fitting hearing instruments. Most attendees are still preparing to become licensed. Boot camp is designed to ensure hearing evaluations are performed correctly and completely and to lay the groundwork for more advanced learning in the hearing care field.

Boot Camp 2018
July 30 - August 3, 2018

Beltone Headquarters

2601 Patriot Blvd.
Glenview, IL 60026

  • Dec. 10-14: Glenview, IL

Improving Patient Engagement and Satisfaction with the Beltone HearMax App and Remote Care

This course will review the many patient benefits associated with adding the Beltone HearMax App and Remote Care into a hearing care protocol. The course will also showcase best practices and fitting tools that can be used to make the integration of the Beltone HearMax App and Remote Care a smooth and easy process for both patient and hearing care provider. This course is offered for continuing education in partnership with AudiologyOnline.

To register for this event, click on this link to Audiology Online "Beltone HearMax App and Remote Care"

Taking Patient Service to the Next Level with the Beltone HearMax App and Remote Care

This course will review recent updates to the Beltone HearMax App and Remote Care feature. Strategies for incorporating HearMax and Remote Care into the patient fitting process will also be discussed.

Click here to view the recording of "Beltone Competitive Advantages"

Beltone Competitive Advantages

This course will compare and contrast the current Beltone product portfolio with other hearing technologies on the market. The course will focus on Beltone’s feature set and wireless offerings and highlight the unique patient benefits offered with Beltone’s advanced technology.

Click here to view the recording of "Beltone Competitive Advantages"

Troubleshoot Your Way To A Better Beltone Fit

This course, Troubleshoot Your Way To A Better Beltone Fit, will allow us to review a variety of information useful to troubleshooting hearing instruments and wireless connectivity. We will take a look at different unusual cases seen in the field with tips and tricks for adjusting and tackling problematic complaints.

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Beltone University

Beltone Spring 2018 Technology Updates

We are happy to announce the release of the new Solus Max 1.2 fitting software and updated HearMax App. The new fitting software is available for downloading from BelNet now.

This technology upgrade contains a number of improvements including a Rate my Sound feature, easy access to data logging, updated compatability with Samsung Galxy S8/S8+, as well as improvements to the GN Online Services Portal.

The information you need to start using the new technology can be found in the following courses:

Spring 2018 Beltone Technology Updates

A brief summary of the March 2018 technology updates for Solus Max and Solus Pro fitting software, the HearMax App and GN Online Services.

GN Online Services: Updated Patient Consent

An explanation of the updated patient consent form for Remote Fine Tuning through GN Online Services. (March 2018)

Beltone Remote Care: Rate My Sound

The new Rate My Sound Feature within Beltone Remote Care is explained. Rate My Sound is a new feature available to patients with Beltone Trust or Beltone Boost Max hearing aids who use the Beltone HearMax app with Remote Care consent. Patients can rate their satisfaction with their current fitting.

GN Online Services Dashboard

This course examines updates to the GN Online Services Portal including the new Dashboard. The new Dashboard provides metrics tracking per location and for specific GN Online Services Users. The Dashboard also provides an overview of patient requests for assistance as well as an overview of Rate My Sound responses.

Beltone Legend and Boost Plus Compatibility with Beltone HearPlus App on Galaxy S8/S8+

An overview on how to update Beltone Legend and Beltone Boost Plus firmware to make the hearing aids compatible with the Beltone HearPlus app for the Samsung Galaxy S8 & S8+ devices.

AutoREM Feature within Solus Max 1.2

The 5 easy steps to use and apply Real Ear Measures to you patient’s fitting using the AutoREM feature in Solus Max 1.2.

SureFit Sports Locks

This video course shows how to add and remove Beltone's new SureFit Sports Locks.