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October 24, 2019

Westin Los Angeles Airport

5400 W. Century Blvd
Los Angles, CA 90045

Beltone ProFit 2019 Schedule

This 8 hour seminar is for experienced Hearing Care Practitioners. Our 2019 ProFit will focus on maximizing your potential and advancing your practice. Topics will include Beltone Product Portfolio updates, elevating your level of patient care, effective upgrading methods, successful product demoing techniques, troubleshooting tips, case study reviews, and best practice sharing. This engaging seminar will be a mix of lecture, hands-on practice, and exciting learning activities.

Congratulations to September 2019 Boot Camp Graduates!

2019 February Bootcamp Graduates

Boot Camp 2019 Schedule

Boot Camp is a one week training seminar for new Hearing Care Practitioners with limited experience testing, selling, or fitting hearing instruments. Most attendees are still preparing to become licensed. Boot Camp is designed to ensure hearing evaluations are performed correctly and completely and to lay the groundwork for more advanced learning in the hearing care field.

  • December 9-13

Congratulations to July 2019 Masters Academy Graduates!

2019 February Bootcamp Graduates

Masters Academy 2019 Schedule

Masters Academy is a three-day training seminar for licensed HCPs who attended Boot Camp and want to continue their learnings; someone who is new to Beltone and needs to become familiar with the Beltone hearing care solutions; or anyone who would like to become a Master in the art of providing premium hearing care. This interactive class includes lectures, hands-on activities, role-playing, and live demonstrations designed to help HCPs provide the highest level of patient care upon their return to the office.

  • November 12-14
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Beltone 2019 Product Portfolio Updates

This course discusses recent Beltone Product Portfolio updates including the Beltone Amaze Custom product line, Android Direct Streaming options, and the new Beltone Remote Control wireless accessory. This course reviews the fitting requirements and details product features and patient benefits. This course is offered for continuing education in partnership with AudiologyOnline.

To register for or view this event, click on this link to Audiology Online: "Beltone 2019 Product Portfolio Updates"

Introducing Beltone Amaze: Make Every Day Amazing

This course discusses the new Beltone Amaze hearing care system. Beltone Amaze offers patients the best sound quality, most comprehensive connectivity options, remote fine tuning and fast and reliable rechargeability. Product features and patient benefits will be discussed along with a review of the fitting requirements. This course is offered for continuing education in partnership with AudiologyOnline.

To view this event, click on this link to Audiology Online "Introducing Beltone Amaze: Make Every Day Amazing"

Improving Patient Engagement and Satisfaction with the Beltone HearMax App and Remote Care

This course reviews the many patient benefits associated with adding the Beltone HearMax App and Remote Care into a hearing care protocol. The course will also showcase best practices and fitting tools that can be used to make the integration of the Beltone HearMax App and Remote Care a smooth and easy process for both patient and hearing care provider. This course is offered for continuing education in partnership with AudiologyOnline.

To view this event, click on this link to Audiology Online "Beltone HearMax App and Remote Care"

Taking Patient Service to the Next Level with the Beltone HearMax App and Remote Care

This course will review recent updates to the Beltone HearMax App and Remote Care feature. Strategies for incorporating HearMax and Remote Care into the patient fitting process will also be discussed.

Click here to view the recording of "Beltone Competitive Advantages"

Beltone Competitive Advantages

This course will compare and contrast the current Beltone product portfolio with other hearing technologies on the market. The course will focus on Beltone’s feature set and wireless offerings and highlight the unique patient benefits offered with Beltone’s advanced technology.

Click here to view the recording of "Beltone Competitive Advantages"

Troubleshoot Your Way To A Better Beltone Fit

This course, Troubleshoot Your Way To A Better Beltone Fit, will allow us to review a variety of information useful to troubleshooting hearing instruments and wireless connectivity. We will take a look at different unusual cases seen in the field with tips and tricks for adjusting and tackling problematic complaints.

Click here to view the recording of "Troubleshoot Your Way To A Better Beltone Fit"

New Courses

ASHA: The Google / Beltone Partnership

Audio Streaming for Hearing Aids, Google's newest protocol using Bluetooth Low Energy allows Android phones to stream to Beltone hearing instruments. Find out about the technology and what separates us from the competition.

Beltone Amaze Customs

Offering great sound quality, superior connectivity and remote fine-tuning options, now in four new discreet custom-made models. The launch of the Beltone Amaze custom family introduces a complete portfolio of 2.4 GHz wireless options. Each of these custom models are built on the strong Beltone Amaze platform and comes with all the same great features those products offer. This includes MFi, full compatibility with the Unite Accessories and Android-streaming ready. From the most discreet CIC option to the full-functionality of the ITE, there truly is an option for everyone.

Beltone Amaze Updates: Beltone Amaze 6 and Solus Max 1.4 Updates

This course will discuss recent updates to the Beltone Amaze Product Portfolio including the addition of the Beltone Amaze 6, which allows HCPs the ability to offer an additional level of Beltone Amaze technology with limited feature options. Now, more patients can be fit with Beltone Amaze technology regardless of their lifestyle or budget.

Beltone HearPlus App Redesign

The Beltone HearPlus app, used with earlier generations of Beltone hearing aids has been updated to match the HearMax app. This course briefly describes the changes in the app and how they will affect your customer.

Beltone HearMax App: Remote Hearing Aid Software Update

Beltone is introducing our first remote hearing aid software update for Amaze wearers via the Beltone HearMax app. This course outlines how to install these new software updates, which allows patients to adjust the treble and bass of their hearing aids from the Apple native app.

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Beltone Amaze Courses on Beltone University

Beltone Amaze covers all the bases: Sound Quality, Connectivity, Rechargeability, and Beltone Care. These Beltone Amaze courses will help keep you on top of your game as you help your patients with the most complete hearing care solution.

All courses are available in the Amaze Curriculum. Every user of Beltone University was assigned the overview course.

Introducing Beltone Amaze

Beltone's newest instrument, the Beltone Amaze is the most comprehensive instrument we have released. This course is a quick overview of the new features and benefits of our newest Beltone family membe.

Beltone Amaze Hardware

Beltone Amaze offers your patients the industry’s most comprehensive and finest product. Learn about the aid itself in this course.

Beltone Amaze Features

Beltone Amaze's new chip platform provides improved performance for all of our features as well as adds a few new ones. Find out all about it in this course.

Beltone Amaze Solus Max 1.3

This course will review the improvements and additions to Solus Max 1.3 software incorporated for Beltone Amaze.

Beltone Amaze: HearMax Updates

This presentation will explore the updates and improvements in the Beltone HearMax app that are made possible by the Beltone Amaze's new processing chip.

Beltone Amaze Competitive Comparison

This course will provide a head-to-head comparison between our competition and the new Beltone Amaze.

Beltone Amaze: Hear the Difference

Listen to sound demos of the new Beltone Amaze. Situations include Speech in Quiet, Speech in Noise, live Music, and Streaming Music.

Beltone University

New Courses to Help You incorporate Remote Care

Beltone was first to market with a hearing telehealth solution. To ease the transistion into new technology, Beltone University has tools and courses helping you to incorporate the HearMax App with Remote Care into your delivery. Together we can give our patients an even better hearing experience.

The Why of Remote Care

Understanding the importance of tele-health in our evolving health care environment is useful in knowing what your patients want and expect.

Incorporating HearMax App and Remote Care Into Your Fitting Protocol

Best practices gathered from Beltone HCPs in the field are shared to assist in the incorporation of Beltone Apps into the Product Recommendation, Delivery, and all subsequent appointments.