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2020 Training Schedule

Boot Camp 2020 Schedule

Boot Camp is a one week training seminar for new Hearing Care Practitioners with limited experience testing, selling, or fitting hearing instruments. Most attendees are still preparing to become licensed. Boot Camp is designed to ensure hearing evaluations are performed correctly and completely and to lay the groundwork for more advanced learning in the hearing care field.

  • April 27 - May 1
  • July 28 - 30
  • December 7 - 11

Congratulations to December 2019 Boot Camp Graduates!

2019 February Bootcamp Graduates

Masters Academy 2020 Schedule

Masters Academy is a three-day training seminar for licensed HCPs who attended Boot Camp and want to continue their learnings; someone who is new to Beltone and needs to become familiar with the Beltone hearing care solutions; or anyone who would like more training on our extensive Beltone Product Portfolio. This interactive class includes lectures, hands-on activities, role-playing, and live demonstrations designed to help HCPs provide the highest level of patient care upon their return to the office.

  • May 12 - 14
  • July 28 - 30

Congratulations to January 2020 Masters Academy Graduates!

2019 February Bootcamp Graduates

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Beltone Amaze Product Updates and Beltone Boost Ultra

Beltone is expanding their product portfolio to include new Beltone Amaze form factors (BTEs and a new RIE) and the new Beltone Boost Ultra super power family. Along with these new products Beltone is excited to announce the return of the t-coil option and extend that back to our current products. This course will discuss these latest updates to the Beltone product portfolio.

To register for or view this event, click on this link to Audiology Online: "Beltone Amaze Product Updates and Beltone Boost Ultra"

Beltone Up Lease Program

Please join us for our Audiology Online course to learn how the improved Beltone UP Leasing can make it easier to help more patients be fit with the best technology beltone offers.

To register for or view this event, click on this link to Audiology Online: "Beltone Up Lease Program"

Smartphone Use in a Hearing Healthcare Office

Smartphone use is becoming more common in the hearing healthcare office. It is important for hearing care professionals to stay up-to-date with smartphone technology and understand how smartphones can be utilized in the office. This course will briefly review the accessibility options in both Apple and Android smartphones. This course is offered for continuing education in partnership with AudiologyOnline's CEU program.

To register for or view this event, click on this link to Audiology Online: "Smartphone Use in a Hearing Healthcare Office"

Beltone Upgrading and Demo Best Practices

This course will discuss best practices for upgrading new or existing patients into the latest technology and will review positioning different levels of hearing aid technology. It will also outline various demo techniques utilized for the sales process. This course is offered for continuing education in partnership with AudiologyOnline's CEU program.

To register for or view this event, click on this link to Audiology Online: "Beltone Upgrading and Demo Best Practices"


Beltone University

New Courses

Beltone Boost Ultra

With the support of a superior hearing solution, people’s everyday life changes from good to ultra good. Learn about Beltone’s newest hearing aid which provides the most complete hearing care solution for those with severe-to-profound hearing loss. We’ve added features, upgraded existing ones, and improved the overall functionalities to ensure this is one of the most powerful hearing aids on the market.

Beltone Amaze: BTEs and Q1 2020 Updates

This course discusses the addition of BTEs to the Beltone Product Family and the Telcoil / DAI updates to the rest of the family.

New Tools

Smart Device Pairing Tool

A tool designed to help you quickly find information on pairing to Smart Phones, Tablets, and Devices to get the most out of your Beltone hearing instruments.

eCommerce Tool

A quick reference for using Beltone's eCommerce Portal. Topics include Setting up offices, managing users, and order, tracking, and registering Beltone hearing aids.

Recent Courses

ASHA: The Google / Beltone Partnership

Audio Streaming for Hearing Aids, Google's newest protocol using Bluetooth Low Energy allows Android phones to stream to Beltone hearing instruments. Find out about the technology and what separates us from the competition.

Beltone Amaze Customs

Offering great sound quality, superior connectivity and remote fine-tuning options, now in four new discreet custom-made models. The launch of the Beltone Amaze custom family introduces a complete portfolio of 2.4 GHz wireless options. Each of these custom models are built on the strong Beltone Amaze platform and comes with all the same great features those products offer. This includes MFi, full compatibility with the Direct Line Accessories and Android-streaming ready. From the most discreet CIC option to the full-functionality of the ITE, there truly is an option for everyone.